Menorah Symbols In Judaism

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Humanity, men and women alike, have severely overlooked the enduring power of Judaism as a whole. The Jewish culture portrayed pure tenacity towards the will to survive by their conviction, even we faced the greatest evil known to humanity… the Nazi Regime. January 30, 1933, Germany announced the new chancellor, Adolf Hitler, that ended up changing the course of human history. He wanted to create a superior race and the only way he thought to achieve that goal was to “exterminate” the race he thought was inferior. Unfortunately, the Jewish community got targeted as a race rather than a religion. In 1937, he acted on that thought and sent out the Nazi party to terminate the Jews. This resulted in one of the greatest crimes ever committed…show more content…
They show short clips of different families trying to escape the Nazis and pack all of their belongings. They pack what is most important to them. Some pack family photos, some pack the Torah and some pack menorahs. Two large ideological symbols most commonly associated with Judaism, the Torah & Menorah, represent an even larger holy belief system that describes Jewish core principles. The menorah, for example, was constructed originally of 100 percent gold, to exemplify Jews strive for “pure gold’ in regards to their motives & behaviors. In addition, the Menorah consist of a seven-branched candelabra for which light illuminates to represent the holy light of Godliness Jews must spread to the entire world. The Jewish people were able to abide by the following principles even when stripped of their menorahs, to continue the pure, holy illumination of Godliness even when their lives were consequently stripped from them. In partnership with the Menorah, the Torah is also a powerful symbolic expression of Judaism. The Torah, in most cases, represents the first five books of the Tanakh which is their holy scripture. Torah is derived from a Hebrew root representing the ability to teach and guide. The basic principles instated by the Torah were able to guide the Jewish community through the suffering they experienced day by day because of the Holocaust. The Nazi Regime took the opportunity, as seen in the movie Schindler’s List, to strip the Jewish people of these two strongly important religious symbols in hopes to destroy their hopes and aspirations for survival by melting down and disposing of their items. In which the Nazi’s attempts were unsuccessful, due to the Jewish beliefs that these items have already granted the Jewish people with the power to better reconcile and distribute their faith by the teaching of these holy
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