How Is Adolf Hitler Related To The Holocaust

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The Holocaust The Holocaust happen when Adolf Hitler took over the government in Germany. Adolf Hitler turned the country against Jews, he believed that Aryans ( tall, blond, blue-eyed, and usually from german descent) were the superior race of humans (Byers 14). Most Jews were not Aryan, they usually had brown hair, brown eyes and short. He saw them as vermin and the cause of The Great Depression, occurring at the time, this would later led to his “ Final Solution” that would end the Jewish race and culture. He thought that if he moved the Jews and concentrated them into one spot then it would solve his problem. The conditions inside theses concentration camps were horrible, one survivor said that the SS guards would kill anyone (Byers 69).…show more content…
Yet during World War I Germany used concentration camps for prisoners of war to manufacturing war equipment, although in the beginning of World War II they were used for anyone who threatened the peace in Germans Reich. And eventually were used to use exterminate Jews for the “Final Solution” (Byers 20 ). Hitler would concentrate the Jews into camps where he would eventually kill them, the first Camp was in the outskirts of Dachau (Byers 22). Hitler decided to start moving the Jews to concentration camps when a sixteen-year-old Jewish boy assassinated a minor official in Paris. This caused the Germans to go on a murderous spree, they burned down one-hundred-ninety-one synagogues and one-hundred-ninety-one house and apartments. By the end of their spree they killed ninety-one Jews, seriously injured thirty-six, and sent thirty-thousand Jews to concentration camps ( Byers 30 ). There were many concentration camps in Europe one of which ,Auschwitz's, had three main camps; Auschwitz I was known as a concentration camp, Auschwitz II was known as Birkenau the extermination camp, and Auschwitz III was known as Monowitz the slave camp ( Blohm 51). Sadly many Jewish men and women were worked to death, and later on they would be known as death camps. These women and men were not given clothes to keep them warm or heat during winter. And their personal belongings were given to the Aryan prisoners (Byers

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