Media: It's Target and Portrayal for Profit

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Media: It’s Target and Portrayal for Profit Will the media portray just anything for profits? Media refers to the many ways of communication. Examples of media can be television, newspaper and radio. It widely influences and reaches an individual’s life. Media has a major influence on politics; it influences the president all the way from his campaign till the elections. The media is vital to helping the president communicate to the public and share his agenda. There are many kinds of media, advertising media; this is where companies use different mediums like television and radio to persuade the consumers to buy their products, mass media; this type of media is used to reach a large number of audience, multimedia; refers to text, still images, audio, videos, animation etc., news media; use of media to communicate news and the social media; it is when people interact i.e. create and share different ideas on different networks. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on creating commercials that appeal to the consumers; it can create different images on the consumers’ minds which can be negative or positive. In this paper I will prove how the media has influenced different people in different ways, how it has shaped their life into two ways; negative and positive. Media’s Portrayal of Women Pressure to Be Thin Women are distracted by their appearance, particularly women are highly conscious about their weight and bodies. Research has shown that nearly half of the girls aged between 12 and 17 have been on a diet (Patton, et al; 1997), more and more young women show the signs of anorexia (Kilborne, 1997). In a survey conducted by the Glamour Magazine showed that when asked women if they could achieve one goal what it would be, they all said they would lose weight (Wooley and Wooley, 1984). It is very common to hear young girls going on diets, and developing many

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