Meaning Of Life Essay

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Meaning of Life Essay BUS-240 Beginning with birth, the meaning of life is sought after by every individual. From the first time we touched our mother’s breast, we not only tasted milk, we tasted love. And from that point on, love remained the only thing that could completely satisfy us. There is nothing else in our lives that will give us complete satisfaction. No matter how much money we have, we will never be completely happy unless we have love in our lives. The true meaning of life is something that many people have tried to figure out throughout history. While there are some people that believe that you just live your life without any real meaning, there are other people that believe that you find the meaning to your life at some point as you grow older. Life is full of choices and decisions that must be made. Every decision and every choice that is made directly affects how one’s life will be lived. If one feels that there is little to no meaning in life, then they will not think about any decision that is made. However, if one believes that there life has a true meaning, they will take the necessary time needed to make good choices and to make good decisions. We, as humans, are able to direct our lives in any way we want it to go. We are all here for a reason. Some people find that reason and some people don’t, and there are some people who couldn’t find there reason in life if it was right in front of them. All the people before us had a part in building a foundation that we can now rest on as we go through our lives. Each person has done something, no matter how insignificant it was, to build the foundation we rest on. Even though everyone does not greatly impact the world, each one of them will impact someone around them. The impact each person leaves will live on even after that

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