Personal Narrative Essay: Why Breast Is Best

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Nicole D. Hiles 10/20/08 Breast is Best There is no greater feeling in the world than holding your newly born baby, and looking into her eyes. It is such a wonderful gift, for God to entrust you with the care of one of his most precious children. So many things go through a new mothers thoughts, so many worries, and joy's all at once. Many new mothers often worry if they will be able to adequately care for their new baby. One thing most every mother wants, is to give their child the very best they can. When Arianna was born, I was so relieved that she was finally here. I held her in my arms expecting to be overcome with this love for her, like you see in the movies. That isn't at all how it happened though. When I first held my baby girl, who was perfect in every way, I didn't feel a strong attachment right at first. It didn't feel like she was really mine, this precious, seven pound four ounces looking at me. I had been very adamant about my decision to breastfeed, and so we began as soon as we could. It was a somewhat slow process; the two of us bonding and falling in love, the kind of love that only a mother and child can have. To be honest I am not exactly sure of the moment that it happened but it was not more than a couple days when some of the shock of this new responsibility had worn down and I fed her we would look…show more content…
SIDS is the sudden and unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby . Breastmilk also lowers the chances of the infant contracting other, more common childhood illnesses, such as; Ear infection's, pneumonia, allergies, urinary tract infection's, and certain types of spinal meningitis. In fact, Allergists tend to believe that breastfeeding will significantly reduce the occurrence of food allergies and eczema, especially when these problems run in a certain family. It also reduces the risk of Breast Cancer later in life, in both the mother and

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