Purpose Of The Human Service Profession

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Human Service Paper Tanya McClymont Introduction to Human Service/BSHS/302 Bejai Higgins 4/12/2011-5/16/2011 Human Service is wide and it serves its purpose in its community by providing it different form of resources. Family dysfunction, addiction to drugs and alcohol, crimes in all different aspect and everything is declining. Individuals are losing their sense of directions and the poverty level is rising tremendously and with all this going on the world’s population is steadily growing. When an individual offer help to another person this is known as service and this is what a human service profession offers. Human Service is a wide range of different things it covers counseling, providing shelter, food, clothing and reaching…show more content…
They are there to provide a mental, physical and emotional relieve for clients in need of this type of assistance. These types of need are needs that an individual may not be able to handle without professional help and this is where a Human Service profession put their skills to works. Human Service Profession is said to encourage and support their client individual needs. By assessing the clients of their needs, weakness and strength then the work will know what service to provide to the individual client. Individual can become self sufficient and positive and they may also learn how to cope with stress, with the help of a human service profession. The Human Service worker provide productive manner to those for those who are in need of comfort and help in overcoming difficult barriers that occur in their everyday lives. A person that is providing these special services do not realize what a role the play in an individual life , when a person in need feel that that sense of love , security they are more porn to open up and let their guard down and accept help without difficulties. Individuals who have needs can obtain a sense of openness, wiliness; maintain a productive life style, and self sufficiency with the support and encouragement from a Human Service…show more content…
Without understanding the history of something it can be anything a person would not know how to deal with certain things. It’s like becoming a Muslim because you like the way they carry themselves, but not knowing the history of the Muslim background and the reason why they dress a certain way, not knowing why the women cover up and why they do certain things a person would be lost. If an individual should ask you questions about the history of human service and its importance you should be able to flourish them with valid information and its history and its motto. Knowing the history of Human service and how far this is coming from gives you a better understanding of the description of the job. Without the knowledge and background of what the job entails one may not have the passion or love of people to even cope or deal with individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. Every individual is different each comes with their own set of needs and or wants. Human Service professions have to have the patience and structure to help a needy family or individual. Long time ago this profession was not so pronounce even though they were always in need of these Human Services workers all over from schools , to church and even doctor office . This field is so board now it covers so many different aspects of each and every one of us

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