Mean Girls Essay

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The movie ‘Mean Girls’ provides insights into the concept of belonging because throughout the film the director Mark Waters shows the journey of Cady Herring (Lindsay Lohan) trying to find where she belongs in the social ranking at her new high school. Her predilection to belong with the ‘popular groups’, this desire puts some of her very few friendships she has on hold and they slowly start to crumble. The film discusses how trying to belong does not always have a positive outcome and isn’t always a positive thing to achieve. In today’s society almost everyone is superficial; people are judged on their appearance, the brands of clothing they wear, weather they have the latest phone, laptop, the type of house they live in the area in which they live and if they have a high paying job. And if you don’t have all of these or most of these you are generally considered an outcast. Society often looks down on people of a low social status, these people of the low social status usually do things out of the ordinary to try and belong with society even if they cannot afford to do so. These ideas of belonging are represented in the movie through a couple of important scenes one of these scenes is Cady Herring had made two new friends: Damian and Janis, Damian and Janis aren’t ranked very high on the school popularity social status. As Cady goes to sit the table with Damian and Janis the popular girls known as the ‘plastics’, sitting on a table away from Damian and Janis, speak to her. The tables being separated demonstrate the difference between the social ranks. There is a noticeable difference between the popular and unpopular groups, the popular group are all wearing named clothing, short skirts and half tops to symbolize that they are the more stronger and Independent group this also symbolizes that the ‘plastics’ are the more popular group. All the people
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