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Cady’s behavior may have been partially explained by both the clique she belonged to and the power she felt among her peers at school. Mean Girls is a tongue in cheek look at the life of teenagers within a high school environment. It revolves around a girl named Cady who finds herself caught up in a wild world of backstabbing, manipulation and bullying. What started out as a sneaky plan to get back at “The Plastics” for being the mean girls, ironically, transformed Cady into a mean girl herself. The idea was simple. Cady would use her newfound friendship with the plastics to go undercover and to gain some insight into what she considers “evil ways”, and possibly gain some information to blackmail the girls and tear them apart. As time passed, the planned evolved into something more and Cady and her true friends began to plot further, in attempt to destroy Regina’s life. In order to complete the plan, more and more Cady had to behave like one of them, until eventually she wasn’t acting. Although Cady began to realize she was no longer the same person, she didn’t mind so much, as her new persona came with power, status and respect. Being part of the plastics was “high school royalty”. The plastics were a clique, an exclusive group of people who share interests, views, purposes, patterns of behavior, or ethnicity. There were many different examples of cliques portrayed in the film; there were sport kids, nerdy kids, art freaks, Asians, and many others worth noting. But the defining high school clique was the plastics. They had the power to sway anyone’s opinion on someone or something, to control someone’s actions for their own personal gain, or the satisfaction of belittling someone and being able to get away with it. It seems obvious as to why Cady became so caught up in becoming like them. The benefits received from being part of the exclusive group were too good to

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