Me Talk Pretty One Day

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Hanan M. Ahmed Engelsk Gefion Gymnasium 3.a ''Me Talk Pretty One Day'' Learning a new language is difficult on its own, when you add an uneasy learning environment to the mix it's bound to either be a catastrophe in the making or the brink of sheer genius. This particular theme is processed in David Sedaris' essay '' Me Talk Pretty One Day'' from 2005. The essay recalls David Sedaris' memories in regards to learning french. David at the age of 41 years decides to move to France in the pursuit of improving his french skills. Shortly after arriving in Paris he enrols in a french class.The majority of the essay describes his condition during that period. His first day at the language school is everything but a pleasant surprise. At the first encounter with his co-students he felt a bit intimated, because of the impressive level of french they demonstrated towards each other. He soon discovers it's not the case. He and the entire french class are repeatedly belittled and mocked for their level of french by their instructor. She, the instructor, is described as a cruel and vindictive dictator. ''I absorbed as much of her abuse as I could understand(..)''(l.73,p.7). The verbal abuse was at some points unbearable, but it ignited a strong sense of motivation in David. ''I took to spending 4 hours a night on my homework, putting in even more time when we were assigned an essay. I suppose I could have gotten by with less(..)''(l.90-91,p.8). He would stay up all night practicing and studying, so that he could prove her wrong and furthermore create some kind of identity for himself e.g David the hard worker. All his efforts seemed to go to waste in proportion to the instructors reaction, she couldn't be bothered to care. David, due to the verbal abuse, started to lose his confidence and go into a mild form of depression. He would avoid any conversation led in
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