Dead Poets Society Elements of Film

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Kirjan ENG-2D3 Cregan, N 11/13/2014 The film Dead Poets Society set in the year 1959 focuses on the painfully shy Todd Anderson who is newly enrolled in to Welton Academy, and his roommate Neil Perry who is exceedingly bright and popular, while under the thumb of his over-bearing father. The two, along with their other classmates, meet Professor John Keating, their new English teacher who tells them of the Dead Poet Society; the boys reach over their dream’s and in their own way each of their lives have changed. The element of sound brings a burst of excitement, a hold of suspense, and a grudge of terror as it assembles the very scene we are awaiting. Peter Weir the director of Dead Poets Society has used this element to maximum perfection in this film; he was able to adorn each astonishing scene with an impeccable tune. When Neil Perry is up late at night, just after his dad harshly instructs him to take part in military school and medical school, we don’t know what is going to take effect. It was then the mysterious and slightly eerie music cued in, a hold of suspense with no doubt should have erected through the audience, and we knew something immense was about to take part. Sound in this film plays a key part in to getting the audience intrigued and thinking more agile towards the many scenes. The element of film shot was used in this film to exhibit how far the characters have developed. Peter Weir was able establish the theme and enjoyment for the audiences, as it gives us the insightful view of the scene. On the final scene were Mr. Keating is collecting his belongings, the pullback shot displays many students standing on their desk, each calling “O Captain, My Captain” as a respectful farewell. This shot displays the theme of the story Carpe Diem or Seize the Day. This shot reflects both the theme and enjoyment towards the audience, because in

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