Mcdonalds vs. Burger King

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McDonald’s VS. Burger King Which one do you prefer? It all comes down to service, quality and health. Do you want fast and courteous service or are your decisions based on a healthy conscious? McDonald’s and Burger king are two major fast food restaurants, although their menus are similar, it all comes down to personal taste and preference. McDonalds and Burger King have both been in business for over 50 years. McDonald’s was one of the first fast food restaurants, bought from a man who sold shake machines. McDonald’s has a clown named Ronald McDonald for their mascot, and Burger King has a king for their mascot. They both sell their signature burgers, one being the Big Mac, and the other being the Whopper. Although they may seem the same to some, they are both different in appearance, size, taste, smell, and health. McDonald’s burgers have nine grams of fat, and Burger King’s burgers have 12 grams of fat. McDonald’s claims their food will always be hot, they concentrate more on the quality of the service than with the speed of getting the order out quickly. Burger King gives more choices from their menu when they are waiting on the customer and also provide quicker service. McDonald’s burgers are lighter than Burger Kings, and weigh only 100 grams, whereas Burger Kings weigh 120 grams. The same person who takes the order at McDonald’s is the same person that serves the food, however this does not apply in the drive-thru if both windows are operating. Burger king is set up more like an assembly line, one person takes your order, and another person serves the food. McDonald’s also makes all their burgers at one time, in mass production and they are fried, then when you place your order they can add additional toppings on that you ask for. Examples would be ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, lettuce, depending on which sandwich has been ordered. Burger King Flame
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