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McBride Marketing Paper Chris Grajeda BSA/310 08-09-10 Donn Leiske “McBride Financial Services will be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services using state of the art technology in the five state area of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota”(Apollo Group, Inc, 2003). McBride Financial Services are dedicated to the customers in who will receive efficient and effective processing of mortgage applications from inception to closing. (Apollo Group, Inc, 2003). “The two fold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction” (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011, pp. 1-7). If the marketer understands consumer needs: develops products that provide superior customer value; and prices, distributes, and promotes them effectively, these products will sell easily.”(Armstrong & Kotler, 2011, pp. 1-7). McBride Financial Services needs to look closely at the customers and pay attention to what the customer is asking for. “Examine five core customer and marketplace concepts: (1) needs, wants, and demands; (2) market offerings (products, services and experiences); (3) value and satisfaction;…show more content…
The survey research would be the best fit for McBride Financial Services, According to Armstrong and Kotler (2011), survey research gathers primary information by asking customers questions about their knowledge, attitudes, preferences and buying behavior. “The major advantage of survey research is its flexibility-it can be used to obtain many different kinds of information in many different situations. Surveys addressing almost any marketing question or decision can be conducted by phone or mail, in person, or on the Web” (Armstrong & Kotler,

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