Martin Luther King Jr. Played a Signifigant Role in Trying to Establish a Equal Society for All Americans

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Source based essay The Civil Rights Movement “Martin Luther King Jr. Played a significant role in trying to establish a just equal society for all Americans” The statement made is inaccurate, because even though he fought to make some significant changes in terms of the inequality of black people, no lasting or major change was caused within the USA (source E displays this nicely as it shows how blacks have suffered in terms of the economic inequality due to black peoples poverty, shows political inequality as 13 percent of black people don’t have a vote and social inequalities due to such facts as the number of black people in jail. These are all things that the NAACP and Martin Luther King Jr. fought for, but no significant change was achieved or made) Black people were treated as inferior and unequal, and although MLK tried to change this, he lacked the ability to do so. Black people were treated as unequal to whites or as “they claimed to set” them “free by calling you a second-class citizen”(Source C). The political and legislative law made blacks follow segregation laws(Jim Crow laws) and in essence did not give them equal human rights to those of whites. In essence the human rights as people, even of a different race, were being denied(“The entire civil rights struggle needs a new interpretation… Civil rights means you’re asking Uncle Sam to treat you right. Human rights are a God given rights. Expand the civil rights struggle to the level of human rights(source C)). Although MLK was able to bring black people together to oppose racial hatred and racial discrimination, he did not change the views of the white society with the US (segregationist) resulting in mistreatment of blacks. On the 28 of April 1963 the “march on Washington for equal rights and jobs” took place which had great political success. 250000 people showed up and 50000 were white
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