African-Americans: Struggle To Achieve Equality And Civil Rights

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How have African-Americans worked to end segregation, discrimination, and isolation to attain equality and civil rights? Cherrelle jones Professor Naomi Rendia History Ashford University 15 August 2012 During the American revolution of the 1860’s, population of the African American in Northern America formed approximately 1% of the population. African American got single out due to their color since they arrived in America as slaves. White people believed black people were inferior to them. Compared to other races, they got humiliated, enslaved and denied fundamental rights by the whites. Moreover, by virtue of being considered as inferior, they were not allowed to vote. The laws enacted were also discriminatory against the blacks. The whites justified their actions by claiming that the laws of the state provided for the place of each race, and the status quo must be…show more content…
Because of the large nature of the populace in the early days in America men and women, especially African American, without property were denied their rights to vote. In the American republic, such people were not accorded full citizenship rights. However, the people fought these archaic rules to liberate themselves. The historical struggle of the black people in America attained a peculiar significance in American history. The struggle by the African Americans ensured that the black people attained not only full citizenship, but also redefined the ongoing struggle for civil rights and liberties and how reliable governance should be implemented. The struggle shaped the roles and responsibilities of government in protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens. Some of the notable achievements in the African America’s struggle include the post-civil conflict legal adjustments (Taylor, 2002). These amendments abolished slavery and gave the blacks full
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