Explain How The People Who Changed The Civil Rights Movement Of 1964

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‘Key individuals rather than organised campaigns were the real force for change in the achievement of equal rights for Americans’ Social inequality segregation and racism has held a heavy burden over African Americans in the history of United States. Being treated as a second class of human beings was something that the coloured people of America had to live with. Powerful individuals pushing for the triumph of equivalent rights for all Americans were the courage and determination behind the ongoing fight against the violent injustice that the white people of America cruelly imposing upon the Black society. The act of civil rights in 1964 was the transformation that the colored people of America had hoped for. The Americans were finally free from the gruelling oppression…show more content…
Without the push and leadership displayed from these leaders who dedicated their lives to ending the horrors of slavery, segregation and unfair treatment the United States of America would not be living a fair life of equality and privilege. These 3 civil rights leaders and activists changed the way black Americans were treated and gained respect and acknowledgement of their lifetime of struggle with the white society. The civil rights movement of 1964 changed the laws regarding black Americans but of course it is impossible to change everybody’s state of mind on the issue. So as of today the coloured people still are fighting for acceptance from some people and are still waiting for the day when they can have total acceptance, as Rosa Parks quotes “I do the very best I can to look upon life with optimism and hope and looking forward to a better day, but I don't think there is any such thing as complete happiness. I think when you say you're happy, you have everything you need and everything you want, and nothing more to wish for. I haven't reached that stage
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