Marketing Research Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing Research Marketing Research Every organization uses marketing to get the attention of the public about the product or service they offer. For marketing to be successful marketing research needs to be performed. Marketing research is the act of gathering information about consumers and customers. Marketing researchers analysis the information and use it to determine what their customers wants. Kudler Fine Foods started with one store. Since then with creating a marketing strategies and tactics they were able to expand to more stores. This also has given Kudler Fine Foods a competitive edge with their competition. Kudler Fine Foods is located in San Diego, California in the metropolitan area. Kudler Fine Food is an upscale…show more content…
By the end of 2003 there were three more stores. When making the budget for sale and marketing in 2004, it included internal and external signage. Ads were also placed in local school yearbooks and effort where taken to get the attention of member of the community. The changes to the marketing worked and there was a second store was opened. When looking at the sales, Kathy seen that sales increased two times of the year and this was based of the past information. With that information Kudler Fine Foods continued promoting in local print to mid-scale restaurants and to local radio stations. Kudler was trying to increase the knowledge of what they provided. Even after all of that, Kudler took it a step further and created tri-fold brochures and business cards that would be laid out during catering events. This helped Kudler reach out to…show more content…
As Kudler decided to expand onto the internet by creating a website, they launched their first version. The website was very basic and helped reach more customers. It helped to track sales for out of state customers. This information gave Kudler the geographical information they would be need to open a new store. But before Kudler can open another store in another state, they research the marketing for competition in that state. It is important to know about competitive intelligence so you know what the competition is doing. Kudler stores are located near traditional supermarkets but they don’t specialize in organic foods. There are other health foods stores that sell organic nature foods but Kudler has organic produce and meats. There is no direct competition but it is important for Kudler to know the stores that target the same type of customers. Kudler Fine Foods over the years developed strategies for sales marketing and tactic to help with the growth of the company. They were able start with one store and open more stores as they improved their marketing strategies and sales plan. While even expanding with a website, Kudler has showed that expansion can happen if you make changes to your marketing strategies and

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