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Marketing Research Analysis MKT 421 February 27, 2011 Marketing Research Analysis Kudler Fine Foods sells gourmet-quality foods, like baked goods, seafood and meats, fresh produce, cheese and other dairy products, and fine wine. In 1988 Kathy Kudler started Kudler Fine Foods and since then she has successfully opened three locations in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Kathy Kudler has a passion for cooking and gourmet food this prompted her need to have products of good quality to use and prepare meals with. . Kudler Fine Foods mission is to “provide their customers with the finest selected foodstuff, wines, and related needs in an unparalleled consumer environment (University of Phoenix, 2008).” Kathy wants to expand her business…show more content…
This helps the organization produce a product or service that is worth while for the customer and would be of value to both the customer as well as the producer. Kudler’s Foods has to Incorporate a large amount of information from their market research in order to achieve success. The have to take into account their customer base of future and existing customers that they hope to serve and their competition. Marketing research will help Kathy identify these areas and outline a strategy to achieve their goals. When the five steps of marketing research are applied a business can decrease the chance of failure and take the steps to creating a successful business. The first step is identifying the problem, analyze the problem, find information that pertains to the problem, explain the data, and solve the problem. Marketing research can help Kudler’s Food to gather information that will help them grow and expand the business as they desire. Apply the “Five…show more content…
Kudler is a well established name in the gourmet food market, but Kathy and her marketing research team needs to use the best strategies they can to stay ahead of their competition and to provide items that they customers are in need of and that they want. Using public information is part of competitive intelligence it is legal and it helps a business identify the next move of the competitor as well what they are introducing new to the market. The competitive intelligence and analysis will let the organization determine marketing strategies and opportunities that they can take advantage of to make there business a

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