Marketing Plan of Tim Horton's

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MAJOR MARKETING OBJECTIVE Although Michigan’s economy has taken an enormous downturn, the major marketing objective for Tim Horton’s is to expand into Michigan by pushing out most of the Starbucks stores in the area. Part of the reasoning for Tim Horton’s so succeed where Starbucks has not been able to in Michigan is because Tim Horton’s offers a wide variety of food and beverage items at competitive prices, whereas Starbucks has a more limited menu. According to the Detroit News, Starbucks Corp has closed 18 stores within the state of Michigan meaning big opportunities for Tim Horton’s to move in. With over 125 stores in Michigan, most of which are located in Detroit, Tim Horton’s is faced with an excellent opportunity to command the specialty coffee drinks quick service restaurant industry. Tim Horton’s already has an established base of loyal customers in Michigan which could be partially due to its close location to Canada; the country where Tim Horton’s first began. According to the Detroit News, Tim Horton’s has recently signed an agreement giving the company “Exclusive Pouring Rights” at Joe Louis Arena for the Red Wings hockey team. Essentially, the “Exclusive Pouring Rights” means that Tim Horton’s is the only company allowed to sell coffee at the arena. Similarly, Tim Horton’s also signed an agreement giving them exclusive pouring rights at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Signing the aforementioned agreements could potentially be a very important and helpful marketing move for Tim Horton’s because they are the only company allowed to serve beverages at sports games in the aforementioned facilities. With Tim Horton’s cups displaying the company logo, it could lead to new customers that normally would not purchase Tim Horton’s coffee since their coffee is the only coffee available in the venues. Another major marketing objective for

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