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Marketing Plan for NIKE Bulgarian Market Executive Summary NIKE is the world's leading sports clothing and footwear designer, marketer and distributor. The company is established 45 years ago and it produces and sells high quality sports clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories for a range of sports, fitness activities and leisure mainly. NIKE is a multinational company, which runs and develops its business activities globally and sells its products in more than 160 countries according to NIKE Corporate Website. NIKE owes its success and best performance on the global market to the high quality and innovative products that it produces and to its strong USP, brand positioning and direct to consumer channels. Related to the impressive performance and identified strong growth opportunities for the NIKE Brand portfolio the company objective is to achieve a revenue of $ 24 -25 billion for fiscal 2015 stated in report for 2011, which is more than the target of 23 $ billion announced in 2010. (, 2011 ) Nike faces strong competition from the German sportswear maker Adidas and Puma globally. (Datamonitor Plc., 2011 ) Identifying market opportunities and key marketing strategies helps the company to achieve its marketing objectives – profit. Analyses on the Bulgarian market reveals a demand for sportswear and footwear among professional sports players and all the amateurs involved in range of sports and fitness activities and people who wear sports clothing and snickers for leisure , can be identified as a growth opportunity. Bulgaria offers perfect locations for extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding , which are very popular among young people in the country and their demand for special and high-quality equipment can identify NIKE 6.0 Brand category for active sports as a entry opportunity as such equipment is hard

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