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Introduction The marketing mix may be defined as the realisation of customer needs under four main aspects - Product, Promotion, Price and Place. Identifying a customers needs is done so the company can meet those needs. The company I have chosen is Nike and the specific product is the Nike Meercurial Vapor range of football boot. Nike is a globally renowned sports equipment and clothing company, it has a trademark that aims on bringing out the sporting spirit "Just Do It". The company goes all out to market itself and with football boots and in particular Nike Mercurial Vapor there is massive potential for production of the boot worldwide. Nike's marketing mix should be seen a a great example and coupled with it's reputation of being one of the worlds leading sports brands, it's huge list of endorsed athletes and it's history of quality products they have a perfect balance to achieve their targets. Product The Mercurial Vapor is a football or "soccer" boot manufactured by globally renowned sportswear manufacturer Nike. It is the first of it's kind in a new lightweight type of boot on the market and it had several key innovations. The upper part of the boot was made from an ultra thin synthetic, lightweight fibre, renamed "Nike Skin" which claimed to be thinner and stronger than kangaroo leather. The Vapor also included an external heeel counter which supported the heel and achilles area of the foot, this was brought in from track sprint spikes and designed to spring back into shape after push-off. In the football world the Nike Mercurial Vapor is known as a speed boot, it's all about comfort but mainly speed and is aimed at quick players, such as wingers. The boot comes in sort ground and firmground to suit all weather conditions and come with easy to fit Nikesnap studs. Nike maintains a high level of quality with it's products and the Vapor is no different.

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