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Case Study #2 Maple Leaf Shoes Discussion Questions: 1.) Based on the information provided in the case, what education, experience, job skills, and other competencies would seem to be required for the future human resource management position. 2.) How do the various candidates rate on these factors you identified? 3.) What is your evaluation of the selection process employed by the firm(especially Robert Clark) in this instance? If you were in charge, would you have done anything differently? How? 4.) Among the candidates, who (if any) would seem to be suitable for the position? What are the issues you should consider and tradeoffs you should make when selecting one of thses cadidates for the postion? Answers: 1. Based on the information provided in the case, the education, job experience, job skills and other competencies that we believe should be required for the new position is listed below. Education | Some business background, ideally in Human Resources | Experience | Someone with prior human resource experience, management experience or any job dealing with people (stressful situations) | Job Skills | Energetic, drive for success, deals with stress well, results oriented | Other Skill Competencies | Good with sales, good with unions, strong personality | 2. Michael Anderson | Education | Courses in human resources, two year Bachelor of Commerce | Experience | Five years Assistant HR Manager | Job Skills | Interesting, turned failing company around, results oriented | Other Skill Competencies | Diverse background, military background, easy to talk to, someone that Clark thinks will take charge | Arthur Doughtry | Education | Four HR courses | Experience | Four years Assistant HR Manager, four years HR Supervisor, 16 years Senior Sales Supervisor | Job Skills | Best interpersonal skills,

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