Managing a Large Financial Project Essay

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Running Head: FINANCIAL PROJECT Case Study 2: Managing a Large Financial Project Clara Mae Jones Strayer University Instructor: Dr. Kegan Samuel CIS 510 Advanced System Analysis and Web Design August 6, 2013 Abstract There are many factors that should go into the planning of an organization’s project. One of the main things that should be included is cost based on the size of the organization and what their needs are. Normal cost for mid to large companies/organization will generally have large financial projects. In managing large financial projects, there should be many things (important) that must be considered in the planning. This information will be discussed in the content of the case study. There will be important challenges, such as security issues and other problems and more. Explain how you would respond to the CEO. The new CEO asking the question of the project manager in reference to the status of the “Large Financial Project”. I as the financial “stated, in our company, each project defines its own process and technology architect to implement systems.” As the project manager I am aware of the appearance of being behind schedule in which, I made the CEO aware of this. The CEO asked if some staff members could be taken off other projects that was not as significant as the “Large Financial Project” in order to make the deadline. I explain this would not be a productive move in my opinion; furthermore, as being the project manager, training of other staff was not an option nor included in the planning to include the time and nor was outsourcing included in the cost of the project. I have gone through all the reasons and scenarios as to why moving staff from other projects to work on the large financial project in order to meet the deadline would not be an advantageous move. This is due to the no time for extensive training of
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