Cango Recommendations Week 6

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Course Team Project – Week 6 Report CanGo: Analysis and Recommendations Team B Dr. Kevin Hagans Devry University: Senior Project 10/13/2012 1. Problem: Company appears to be disorganized when it comes to internal structure and processes. Recommendation: To improve their managerial structure, CanGo needs to allocate resources and manage dependencies. According to a Harvard Review article written by Bob Frisch (2012), research shows that in business cases, companies often sail though the senior team meetings without those in attendance knowing exactly what they’re signing up for because senior executives already have an execution plan for what they want senior team members to accomplish. Liz and Warren need to make sure that projects are prioritized, assign who is responsible for what part of each project. They know what the expectations are and coordinate resources among Senior Staff to ensure these projects are executed. According to the article “Attitude Adjustment for the Senior Management Team” (Frisch, 2012), the senior team needs to understand their role in the decision-making process. CanGo senior management can build its effectiveness through members’ collective impact on the business, focus on alignment, and identify critical dependencies within the organization’s most strategically important activities (Frisch, 2012). 2. Problem: CanGo’s performance evaluation process appears to be ineffective with no clear criteria that would help the company, managers and the employee’s progress towards the future. Recommendation: CanGo’s current evaluation system, as presented by Warren, is a great start to developing a fair and productive work environment. The system has to be clear and concise so it benefits the employee, manager and ultimately the company. Although CanGo may have a large number of high performing employees, they need to

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