Malcolm X Versus Martin Luther King Jr

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In the sense of who had a more effective philosophy, I would have to agree for Martin Luther King Jr. I believe that Martin Luther King had a more effective method due to the fact that he believed that Violence doesn't solve violence. Martin Luther King had an above violence sense of mind where he believed that if you work out your issues peacefully and quietly, Violence would not be caused for whereas Malcolm X fought violence with violence. Martin Luther King's philosophy was more likely to work because, He believed that using boycotts would get the point of African Americans across. He wanted it to be known that black people had huge dreams and would stop at nothing to achieve them. The first reason Martin Luther King’s philosophy was more likely to produce equality for African Americans is because his philosophy focused on nonviolence and believed that through Boycotting, the blacks can and will get equality. Martin Luther King gave african americans a sense of hope and something to strive forward for the future. In Document "We should use boycott as a weapon of change in our nonviolent arsenal, as well as marching." Marin Luther King argued that african americans would not use violence as a method of equality. Martin felt that if the african americans reused their products through boycotting the whites would come to a realization and began to consider equality. In Document E, Martin Luther King also states "There is nothing quite to effective as a refusal to cooperate economically with the business of people who continue to do evil in our communities." Martin Luther King is stating that believing in and practicing nonviolence is a more productive way than fighting violence with violence. Martin Luther King has a more effective cause of equality for African Americans of color because MARTIN LUTHER KING felt that violence is NOT an answer to solve other
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