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EDS 6205 SUM 07 Movie Review Who is the leader? Describe his/her role in the film and the setting of this leadership. Malcolm X takes place in America during a period of four decades from 1925 to 1965, the movie is a moving saga of America's most controversial Black Muslim leader- Malcolm X. Malcolm spends his boyhood in Lansing, Michigan after his family moves from Omaha, Nebraska in 1929. He is imprisoned at the age of twenty. It is during his imprisonment that he converts to Islam, and educates himself in history and religion. How did they become the leader? Malcolm is deeply influenced by the Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam and his teachings while he is in jail. Through out the movie Malcolm refers to him with…show more content…
During a scene in the movie, the chief of police said, “Too much power for one man” as Malcolm was able to conduct a silent march in front of Harlem hospital to ensure that one of his follow brothers would receive the utmost care after being brutally beaten by police officers. What leadership style do they most often use? Do they balance the use of all styles? Malcolm X’s leadership style encompasses an array of approaches such as Trait, Skills, Style, Situational, Path-Goal, and Transformational. According to the movie, Malcolm did not possess all of these styles as once. Some were displayed during as he was a young boy all the way up to his pilgrimage to Mecca were the transformation of his character was reborn. How do they deal with conflict? Malcolm was a proactive leader and he often took his conflict directly out into the public eye and ears. He wanted the cities around the country to hear his concerns and the concerns of his people. During those times Malcolm’s straightforward rhetoric was very uncomfortable for other leaders during this…show more content…
What data is the leader using to measure his/her success? How are these variables quantified? (the “study”) The Nation of Islam grew in large numbers once Malcolm X became the National Leader. More and more Mosque’s were being built throughout the Northeast. How is the leader going to change his/her plans to create even more success? (the “act/adjust”) Well, the leader is no longer alive today but his speeches and sermons are still received, taught, and followed through the Nation of Islam. However, during the time in which he was still alive Malcolm gained more knowledge during his journey to Mecca and in return he shared that knowledge with his own people and they form a new religious organization of Muslims. How is the leader’s management skills related to Scientific Management, Human Relations, Systems Theory, and or Quality Management Theory? I believe Malcolm’s management skill is closely related to the Human Relations Theory. Malcolm was very concerned with first being a servant leader before becoming his own leader. Malcolm placed the needs of the people for any of his personal needs, desires, and/or

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