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Bianca Moran December 3, 2012 English 114 Professor Schwartz Patriotism Redefined For this extensive but yet very precise research paper, I decided to read the book Born on the Fourth of July by Ron Kovic. I chose this book because I consider myself to be pretty patriotic; I myself wanted to join the forces right out of high school. Every time I see an American Flag or hear the National Anthem, I can’t help but feel proud to be an American. Every time I see an advertisement of any Branch of the forces I envision myself in that uniform serving my country. However, unlike Ron Kovic I was able to realize and see the reality behind what those advertisements really show, before signing up and selling myself to my country, and decided to…show more content…
The book goes into deep detail of Kovic's post war experience. Ron Kovic becomes an active anti-war advocate and goes to many demonstrations. He travels to Washington D.C. and even sits in on a speech given by the president. He and many other anti-war veterans hold up signs and try to draw national attention to themselves. Kovic feels so strongly against this war that he even puts himself in a position where he was sent to jail for his beliefs. Kovic moves a lot of people with this powerful book of his life. The unique aspect about Kovic's book, "Born on the Fourth of the July" is that Kovic wrote the entire book from personal experience. Kovic is not a writer but had a lot to say. He writes his beliefs and thoughts down to tell the world. Suppressed from the government, this is Kovic's way of expressing his self and getting the word out to the general public in regards to the atrocities of the Vietnam War. Kovic believed that the war was wrong. Here is a person who believed in supporting his country and then came upon the realization that he and his country were wrong in their actions. On the other hand, this gives a person that has not experienced such an incident an insight into the feeling the helplessness, hopelessness, and lack of self worth a veteran may suffer. This is an insider's view of the war that one would not normally be exposed to. This type of interpretation is hard to depict yet Kovic does this with…show more content…
I am glad that I read Born On The Fourth Of July because it is a true-life glimpse into our country’s history and into the life of a man who almost gave all to his country but continues to try to give all to his fellow

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