Malcolm X: A Brief Biography Of Malcom X

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Malcolm X is known as one of the most influential speakers of the 20th X was a Muslim minister, a Black Nationalist leader, and was the most fierce race critic in American history. Malcolm X exposed the moral and legal hypocrisy of American democracy and the ethical contradictions of white Christianity. He was responsible for spreading the Islam faith within the Black communities and bringing everyone together by relinking them to their Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. Malcolm’s father, Reverend Earl Little was an outspoken minister and a supporter of Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey (1887-1940). Malcolm’s first introduction to white supremacy came at a young age when the Ku…show more content…
The Nation of Islam rejected integration, but perhaps its most controversial belief was that blacks should form a separate state of their own, free of white domination and white religious, economic, political, and cultural institutions. Malcolm X broadly studied the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. He was released from prison after serving seven years of his sentence and at that moment he took the name Malcolm X because he believed “Little” was his slave name. The “X” represents the tribal name he thought he would have received but was lost to him. Other members of the Nation of Islam followed in Malcolm’s steps and also took X as their surname. After meeting with Elijah Muhammad, he had appointment as a minister in the Nation of Islam, he was also the Nation of Islam’s national spokesperson. Through the ‘50s and ‘60s he would use the radio, newspaper columns, and television to spread the Nation of Islam’s message. He usually relied on his violent exaggerations, such as his common allegation that whites were “devils” whom had been created in a misbegotten breeding program established by a black scientist. The media were always ready anytime Malcolm had something to say, such as

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