Book Review of Autobiography of Malcolm X

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Jaimie Collier Dr. Kuru THRS 315 30 April 2015 Review of the Autobiography of Malcolm X “America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem.” * Malcolm X Malcolm X was a polarizing social rights figure who brought racial inequality to light. He was radical, but preached non-violence. He was also dynamic in the way he viewed racism. His beginning years he preached militancy and separatism, but towards his later years he abandoned his strict separation of the races and started demanding unity. He stopped his strict anti-white views and started seeing how the two races could work together as one. The team of Malcolm X and journalist Alex Haley have combined to create one of the most compelling autobiographies, which has influenced not only black males, but many other people who admire his vigor, force, intelligence, and courage; leading Spike Lee to refer to it as one of the most important pieces of literature in the history of the United States. Malcolm X’s involvement in the contribution of bringing recognition to the African-American struggle and providing steps towards equality in America cannot be overstated. He was faced with racism at an early age which forced him into a life of drugs and crimes, but he was able to use his past to improve his future. He was an unlikely leader that emerged as a powerful and radical voice for a cause that greatly needed, and still needs, change. He turned to Islam at a time when he needed to make a serious change in his own life and it opened his eyes to a world without violence, drugs, or crime. He was such a powerful voice that the original organization he was a part of (the Nation of Islam) turned against him with jealousy as they were more concerned with power than making a substantial change in the country. He was able to overcome this after seeing the

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