Major Features of Victorian Era Essay

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Major features of Victorian Era Population Growth The first and striking change was the increase in population. It was then regarded as a source of pride in itself. Between the census of 1831 and that of 1891 the population of Great Britain doubled (from 16 million in 1831 to 33 million in 1891). It shows the unprecedented demographic increase. Two major factors affecting population growth are fertility rates and mortality rates. Fertility rates in the Victorian era increased every decade until 1901.With living standards improving, the percentage of women who were able to have children increased. The mortality rate of England changed greatly throughout the Victorian era. Environmental and health standards rose throughout the Victorian era. Improvements in nutrition played a major role in it. Due to the necessary sewage woks the quality of drinking water improved. With a healthier environment, diseases were caught less easily and did not spread as much. Technology was also improving because the population had more money to spend on medical technology. People had more money and could improve their standards; therefore a population increase was sustainable. Science and Technology An important development during the Victorian era was the development of science and technology. Due to this, the life style of English people drastically changed. Transport and communication developed due to various inventions during the period. Canals, steam ships, and most notably the railways rapidly developed trade and industry. George Stephenson’s locomotive inaugurated Railway Age in England. One important innovation in communications was the Penny Black by Rowland Hill, the first postage stamp, which standardised postage to a low price regardless of distance. The Victorian era ushered in a tremendous surge of technological invention. Victorians believed in
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