Main Events In French And Indian War

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5. What were the main events in the French and Indian War? Around 1750, Virginians crossed the Allegheny Mountains to trade with nearby Indians. This caused alarm to the French, which initiated a chain of events that led to the French and Indian War. The first of these events was the French building forts around the area to ensure they could defend the territory that they felt entitled to. George Washington was sent to erect a fort at a strategic location where two rivers forked into the Ohio River. This was attempted once before but a larger French force came while the fort was being created and forced the British to retreat. On the journey to the location the fort was to be erected, Washington learned that the French had already constructed a fort there. Washington waited for reinforcements and then attacked this fort, Fort Duquesne in 1754, marking the first bloodshed in the war. In 1756, after the conflict between the French and British turned into a world war, the British government changed. This change brought William Pitt into office as the head of the ministry. Some of Pitt’s actions and decisions not helped win the war in America, but they also were responsible for creating nationalistic views amongst members of the colonies. Pitt treated the colonists as allies rather than as servants that must follow orders. Rather than give orders, he would request the colonists to do something and even rewarded them when they would follow through on their word. Besides the aforementioned events, there were many battles during the war that altered the course of the war. When the French lost Fort Louisbourg the Indians lost faith that the French would prevail in the war and, therefore, discontinued most of their attacks on the English. Later Fort Niagara was captured which cut off the French’s pathway to heart of the colonies. The battle of Quebec was a pivotal
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