History Of Great Britain And France

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For several decades, Great Britain and France had been at war against each other over the country of Canada. In the mid eighteenth century, the British and the French were battling to obtain the rights to Canada; more specifically the two nations were fighting for the ownership of the colony of New France and become the dominant player in North America. This was a colony dominated by French speaking Canadians and belonged to the country of France. What is more is the fact that Americans wanted to expand to the north and along with the British were concerned about having a French speaking, Catholic colony between them. As a result, it triggered a war between France and Britain. The Americans were involved in the war on the side of the British, but played a small role in the war. As a result, on 3 May 1744, a letter from Versailles was sent out telling of the declaration of war between Britain and France. The colony of New France began as an economic venture on the part of the mother country, France. It all came to an end because the French never viewed New France more than an economic venture and New France evidently fell. Moreover, the fall of New France is directly related to two main battles, the battle at Louisburg and the battle at Quebec City in which British forces won both battles. Not only do these two British victories lead to the fall of New France, but one must also look at the other factors that led to the British victories at Louisburg and Quebec City and ultimately lead to the fall of New France. These factors include poor military planning and lack of confidence on the part of the French military leaders, limited resources and famine on the side of the French and the size and skill of the British forces, which is ultimately the decisive factor in accounting for the fall of New France. What is more is the fact that scholarly debate has been altered
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