Machiavelli Essay

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TALLINN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration Department of Business Administration Chair of Organization and Management Triin Ignašov ANALYSIS OF POWER, COMPETITION AND STRATEGIES: CASE OF MACHIAVELLI, THE PRINCE Research in Strategic Management Supervisor: Lecturer Alar Kolk Tallinn 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 1. Machiavelli’s principles and strategies in the prince 4 1.1. General introduction to Niccoló Machiavelli and his work 4 1.1.1. Life of Niccoló Machiavelli 4 1.1.2. Machiavelli’s works 5 1.1.3. The influence of Machiavelli 6 1.2. Main principles and ideas of Machiavelli, The Prince 8 1.2.1. Monarchy as a state power 8 1.2.2. How to obtain a state 9 1.2.3. Governance of a state, different approaches 10 1.2.4. Maintaining a state, defence 11 1.2.5. Qualities of a good prince 12 1.2.6. Conducting the subjects 13 2. Machiavelli’s Ideas used in politics 14 2.1. Machiavelli’s political ideas through history 14 2.2. Machiavelli’s principles that can be used in politics in nowadays 16 3. Strategies for business management 18 3.1. Principles of leadership 18 3.2. Sharing the power 20 4. Discussion 21 Conclusion 22 References 23 INTRODUCTION Present research is an analysis of power, competition and strategies. It is based on Italian philosopher and writer Niccoló Machiavelli treatise The Prince, strategies and principles discussed in this book. To understand Machiavelli’s ideas it is essential to understand the society where he lived and worked. Therefore the first part of this paper gives an overview of Machiavelli’s life, work and artwork. After that conclusion and overview of Machiavelli’s main principles is provided. Second part of this research is dedicated to political power. Main objective is to seek how Machiavelli’s strategies
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