En110: Achieving Academic Excellence

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------------------------------------------------- Semester 1 EN110 - Achieving Academic Excellence This course introduces techniques for maximizing success in college-level course work. It focuses on self-directed learning, reading comprehension, memory, time management, motivation, self-assessment, critical thinking, creative thinking, and written communication. While students returning to college after an extended break from studies should find it particularly helpful, this course will help learners at all levels of higher education achieve academic excellence. EN120 - Beginning English Writing Spelling; proofreading; how to develop strong, clear sentences; the parts of speech; classes and uses of nouns and pronouns; rules of capitalization;…show more content…
General Education Elective 5 View General Education Electives offerings. ------------------------------------------------- Semester 5 A01 - Introduction to Accounting The fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping and the debit/credit method of recording transactions. The bookkeeping cycle, from recording transactions to preparing financial statements, is included. Emphasis is placed on service concerns operating as sole proprietorships. C11 - Macroeconomics Introduction to macroeconomic analysis and policy. Examination of the foundation and nature of economic principles as they apply to national output, money and banking, and monetary and fiscal policy. Course also focuses on employment, inflation, and economic growth. C13 - Microeconomics Introduction to microeconomics, with emphasis on the functioning of individual markets and their effectiveness for resource allocation. Includes price and production theory, competition, labor, the distribution of income, and the theory of household behavior. BU310 - Fundamentals of Management Offers a skill-based approach to planning and decision-making, organization theory, leadership and motivation to provide a concrete understanding of how these processes relate to business…show more content…
Students explore the history, philosophy, theories and concepts of leadership and its relationship to the management of organizational change. Business Elective 3 View Business Electives offerings. Business Elective 4 View Business Electives offerings. Business Elective 5 View Business Electives offerings. BU490 - Business Ethics Examines ethics and values in business, beginning with an introduction to ethics in business. The perspective then broadens to include corporate ethics and the role of moral leadership in business, and concludes with an examination of ethical dilemmas created by an expanding global economy. ------------------------------------------------- General Education Electives AN310 - Cultural Anthropology An introduction to the foundations of cultural anthropology and how they apply to interactions between culture, technology and social organizations. AR300 - Art History Entry-level survey of art history that begins with primitive cave paintings from Lascoux, France and progresses to 20th century art from around the world. Covers a variety of artistic movements ranging from Classic Greek, Baroque and Rococo to the Impressionists. EN360 - Technical

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