MMPBL/540: Employment Conflict Management

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Running head: EMPLOYMENT CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Employment Conflict Management Stephen J Buck University of Phoenix Conflict Management MMPBL/540 Bruce Mc Ewan June 02, 2009 Employment Conflict Management The downsizing of an organization often proves to be a stressful and trying time for any organization. Having to decide what departments need to be cut, what personnel will likely be lost through the direct downsizing or conflicts that arise as well as determining criteria for release never seems to be an easy mathematical equation that just works out. In many situations the fear of law suits, loss of productivity, a disgruntled workforce, perception of the local community and in some cases even potential global after affects…show more content…
As is understood through this week’s reading, facilitation is more suited to a larger group of individuals. Facilitation is a more time constrained approach that is directed more at having grievances’ aired and openly discussed. In the forum of a layoff this approach was considered impersonal and ineffective. Arbitration was considered due to the finality of the decision. In this method each person, Carl, Brian and Jenny, would have the opportunity to “plead their case” before a non-biased individual or panel and who would hear FastServe’s justification for the decision of whom to layoff and a final judgment would be made. Again this form of conflict resolution was seen as inappropriate due to the fact the organization had already made the decision to downsize and therefore, would not be open for a change of plan. The most logical solution therefore, was to use mediation to assist in reducing the risks associated with the potential conflicts. The process of mediation has all concerned parties sitting together and discussing the best options for the parties…show more content…
Sitting down in mediation was likely the only reason that Carl did not seek counsel from the Gay and Lesbian Activist Association. Through mediation the company was able to identify the exceptional work that Carl had done over the past several years. His knowledge of computer systems, above average productivity and degree in his specific field made him an ideal employee; for a department that was being closed out. In mediation it was discussed that FastServe Inc did not condone Bens’ behavior and it was agreed that he would be counseled with the understanding that further comments of harassment would lead to Ben’s release from the employment of FastServe. Having recognized Carl’s value it was also suggested to rehire Carl in a new position as an internal consultant to the system administrator (Legal Environment, 2002). Recommended Metrics As a means of assisting laid off workers, FastServe will provide career counseling as well as recommendations appropriate to the performance of those workers. FastServe will also provide a modest severance package to Brian Carter and Jenny Hill as they work at finding new job placement; while Carl Haimes will be followed up with about his referral to the internal consultants’ position.

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