Cultural Diversity In African American Culture

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Our office like our world is full of diversity. With many cultures sometimes we have very little chances to interact with other groups of people. Maybe it is because of where we live or how we were raised that makes these encounters so rare. Many cultures makeup my own way of life; however, the two that I would like to talk about are being a teenage mother as well as being an African American woman. Being an African American woman is very common in this world and I am around the same women that I can relate to personally and professionally. Teenage motherhood is a part of my culture as well and with so many television shows about teenage mothers, this has become a part of American culture. In this presentation I will elaborate how cultural diversity would be beneficial to the committee. First, let me begin by explaining my two cultures. Having a child at the age of 18 is something that happens often in my family. About 80 percent of the females in my family have children before they graduate from high school. This is something that is common in America as well. At my place of work there are many women who have given birth as teenagers. This…show more content…
The older generation may feel as if the younger generation is not as focused and serious as they are. Moreover, the younger generations might feel as if the older generations are wedged in their own ways and cannot see that times have changed and there are many solutions to a problem than what they are accustomed to. One way to bury the conflict is to have a team meeting and allow each member to voice their concerns. In doing this everyone’s apprehensions are up for discussion. Another resolution is to have each team member come up with a solution to each problem in hand and compare their responses. This way everyone can see how they have more of the same complications and find an easier way to solve

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