M. R Lifestyle Choices In The Awakening

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-M.Reisz choice of life to not get married and support her ownself was a decision that Edna wanted to live. When Edna develops the relationship with M.R she is intrugied by M.R decision to have her own indpendence. M.R way of life brought out a different side of Edna. A side that Edna knew was the missing part that she kept wondering about until now. Edna wanted this lifestyle to be her ownself and not live as someone she did not want to be such as M.Rag the way that society intended on her living. -M.R decision in life was to she have her own independence/identity. She lived the life she wanted to live which to Edna seemed like the "good life". M.R lifestyle choice had a cost from not having a nice house to nice clothes everything that Edna had. Having the indpendence Edna wanted would cost her the lavicous lifestyle she once knew. That having her own indpendence would cost her everything she once had.…show more content…
Edna would have to give up her lavious lifestlye to become a independent woman in society. Society intentions was that a woman played a simpe role that Edna was doing and playing by the rules. MR brings out this side that Edna has been missing and searching for in her life. MR gives her a new perspective that breaks the rules of what Society wants out of a woman. Edna is enchanted by M.R indpendence although MR lives a simple life with little money. Edna's new side that was coming out of her was puzzling certain around such as Mr pontieller as well as others. They were not understanding the way Edna was by the did nor know of any other way since they have lived this way for years and was taught to live this way. It was not their fault that they were not getting the picture that Edna was seeing. To them it was strange and
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