The Importance Of Slavery In Copper Sun

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Slavery was a very important epoch. In the book copper sun there was many different characters that stood out to me. the characters I'm going to do is Amir and mr derby they don't have barely anything in common but they both have many different traits. Mr derby was cruel, evil, savage. Amir on the other hand is very brave, caring, and very strong. They both are completely different and have different ways of seeing things since one was a white man and one is a black women. They book tells you everything you need to know and is not like pithy. Amir is the Amari character in the book she Is very brave, strong and caring. She was very brave in the book a lot like when she ran away from their master and they came looking for her and Polly and Polly…show more content…
She was forlorned and given as a gift.before she was sold as a slave she was very naive and innocent but after she was vilified and obliterated her innocents. she could of given up but then she would not have made it as far as she did and would not of survived the horrific act of slavery. Amari had to adapt to the way of life it was crucial for her survival and hard for Amari to dovetail with how much of a change everything was. Amari running away was a very enormity thing to do they had tedious hours . Amari would never malinger to get out of work which some slaves did which kind of was like a wry. Her and other slaves were usually very steadfast until Amir ran away she was very steadfast. When she first arrived she was a waif and didn't know anybody but then later she made new friends. When amari got away you could tell she had that sense of armistice gone. Amari at the beginning of the book she seemed like a very bland character but later in the book she becomes a very complex character and infinite things that made her a better thing over the course of the book. Mr derby was cruel and very arrogant and irascible he did many bad things but when he killed Noah and mrs derby baby that was very cruel and evil he disclaimed a baby which is
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