Lucille Ball: America’s Sweetheart

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Astrid Reyes; Nancy Assaker Mrs. Drone English II AD– 7th period April 9, 2010 Lucille Ball: America’s Sweetheart Several television viewers saw her as the adorable redhead with a passion for acting. Many fell in love easily with the character she played as “Lucy”. Lucille Ball, a notorious comedian with a dazzling smile, who was raised by a humble family, spread laughter all around America throughout the 1950s and ‘60s. Although many actors inherited fortunes, Lucille came from a simple family where she had a strong single mother by her side. Lucille Ball was born August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York. Henry Ball was her father who worked as a telephone lineman for Bell Company, and her mother was Desiree (DeDe) Hunt (Discovery Biography). When Lucille was born, her life didn’t exactly stand still; According to Discovering Biography: “Henry Ball’s job required frequent transfers, and within three years after her birth, Lucille moved to Jamestown to Anaconda, Montana, and then to Wyandotte, Michigan.” As time went on tragedy fell upon Lucille’s life when her father died from a typhoid fever in February 1915 (Discovering Biography). Though the loss of a loved one may leave sorrow behind, one biographer had said that the death of her father had driven Lucille into playacting (Discovering Biography). With her mother left widowed, Lucille lived with her grandparents where her grandfather, Fred Hunt, described as “an eccentric socialist who enjoyed the theatre” by Discovering Biography, who often took the family to shows and encouraged Lucille to get involved with plays. With the acting world always being around her, Lucille Ball made the decision at fifteen to drop out of high school and enroll

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