Low-Fat Lie Essay

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Nutrition for Wellness Low-Fat Lies, High-Fat Frauds - Pgs. 77-107 1. What are triglycerides? Fats that supply your body with energy 2. Why is it so important to look at triglyceride levels? Because triglyceride can change and if it is low it can give you risk of cardiac risk 3. What is the relationship between LDL’s and triglycerides? More triglyceride in the blood stream, the smaller the LDL gets, and the greater the risk of heart disease. 4. What raises your triglyceride levels? Why? A low fat, high- carbohydrate diet, it raises insulin, it appears that higher insulin levels make it harder for triglycerides to get into the muscle cells. 5. How does the Mediterranean Diet influence your blood-lipid profile? By replacing some carbohydrate calories with olive oil calories, you can lower your triglyceride levels and maintain or even raise your HDL levels even before you lose a pound. 6. What is Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome and what are its characteristics? Described as a deadly syndrome as he originally described it consisted of four characteristics: central obesity, hypertension, lipid abnormalities 7. 96% of physicians didn’t know that a diet so low in fat would raise triglycerides. a. Explain this statement: “This failure of prevention occurs in the face of a decrease in smoking and reduction b. In dietary fat.” That if you want the diets to work and have everything turn out right you need to start with decrease smoking and not eat as many fats in your diet 8. Dean Ornish recommends a very low-fat diet along with what other components? Exercise, lose weight, Meditate 9. How does this make the Ornish diet scientifically invalid There is no evidence that shows that olive oil is bad for you, and the only cholesterol olive oil will raise your good HDL cholesterol. Sometimes misquotes or misinterprets the

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