Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare explores many different kinds of love in his play Romeo and Juliet. Discuss his portrayal of the theme of love through your analysis, language and actions. Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tells the tale of two young lovers who come from feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets. The tale is set in Verona, Italy which is a country associated with love and romance. In the story there is constant conflict between love and hate which creates drama; for example the play opens with a fight between the Montagues and the Capulets. Shakespeares ‘Romeo and Juliet’ explores many different kinds of love. For example in loco parentis this means in place of the parents. The nurse is in loco parentis for Juliet she is more like a mother to Juliet than Lady Capulet. She always wants the best for Juliet that’s why she agrees to arrange the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet because she wants to make Juliet happy. Friar Lawrence is in loco parentis for Romeo. Romeo is always able to talk to Friar Lawrence when he is having problems or needs advice. Friar Lawrence is more of a father figure to him than Lord Montague. Another type of love is Parental love. Lady and Lord Montague care a lot for Romeo you can tell that from the first scene when they are worried about him because he is being very quiet and not socializing, ‘and private in his chamber pens himself, Shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out’. Also they are relieved that he wasn’t involved in the fighting, ‘O where is Romeo? Saw you him today? Right glad I am he was not at this fray’. Lord Montague is asking Benvolio if he knows why Romeo is not himself and says he would do anything to cure Romeos depression ‘We would as willingly give cure as know’ and they hope Benvolio will find out what the problem is. From this we can see that Lord and Lady Montague really do care for their
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