Romeo And Juliet Album Review

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As someone who has done the same type of album with the author, I consider this to be a successful one, with persuasive details and feelings from the play of Romeo and Juliet. The name of the album is Sweet Sorrow, by I Defy You, Star band. Through six lyrics, different feelings and different events are presented, reminding us of the prodigious love between the two main characters and how their love ends tragically. Six songs are chronological. The first four songs are based on the first four scenes. The fifth and the sixth songs are in Friar and Nurse’s perspective. Quotes from the play are well used in the lyrics; help the readers to understand the character’s characteristic and what happen throughout each scene. First song, “Bite my thumb” is about the fight between the two rival houses’ servants. By using aggressive verbs and strong beat, it shows the conflict between the two families, which is very important for people to know so that they can have better ideas of why Romeo and Juliet’s love is a forbidden love. Quotes, such as “What, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds?”, “keep the peace”, are well-used in order to describe Tybalt as a hothead and Benvolio as a calm and mature person. Third song, “Tragic story”, is written in a special form. It’s like a conversation between the singers. Thanks to that unique style, whole picture of the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo are shown. The rashness and vengeance of Romeo are also strongly stated through every line of the song. Quotes from play are being used over and over again, giving us the sense of how each person in this fight was acting like. “Secret” and “What should I do”, to me, are considered to be the two most successful songs. The plan and feelings are developed perfectly. In “What should I do”, Juliet’s emotions are written chronologically, how her feelings change over time.
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