Love in L.A.

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Jeffrey Cobb Mrs. Bass English B 18 September 2012 “Love in L.A.” The story “Love in L.A.” written by Dagoberto Gilb. The story shows Jake, who is very infatuated with his ’58 Buick and all of the things that he wants to add to it. Jake like people today think that by adding these things to his car it will make him happier and actually turn his life around. Which is what leads me to believe that self-deception is the theme to “Love in L.A.” I make this statement because when we read the story we see that Jake is constantly lying to himself by saying that if his car looks better and all of these nice things in or on it, then his life would be easier, better, and he would feel and look better about himself. I make this conclusion from where it says in the story all of the things that Jake wanted to add to his car to make it look better and possibly even change his entire life (page 45). Reading on we see after the wreck when he lies to Mariana about his profession, insurance, and address (page 46-47). He is lying not only to Mariana but himself when he gets back into the car and it says that “He took a moment or two to feel both proud and sad about his performance.” (Page 47). I say this because he possibly wanted a relationship with Mariana but could never have one because of the lies he had just told her. Also with Mariana when she tells Jake to call her (page 47). The story tells us that she said that timidly probably meaning that she really didn’t want to say that but because Jake said that he was an actor she couldn’t pass up the chance of being with an actor. In the previous paragraph I stated that I believe the theme of the story “Love in L.A.” is self-deception. I make this statement because I know growing up and just watching and talking with people most of the time we feel that our mood and out look is completely based on how our prized possession

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