Fiesta, 1980

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In “Fiesta, 1980,” it is clear that life for the family is anything but a fiesta. The children are traumatized by both their parents and having trouble understanding why things are the way they are in their family. According to Boyd, “when children grow up in a dysfunctional family, they experience trauma and pain from their parents’ actions, words, and attitudes”. Diaz demonstrates the trauma the children face from the perspective of an adolescent boy name Yunior. Yunior represents the trauma and pain a child can feel within a family through his experience with his father’s infidelity, inability to help his siblings, and hiding the secret of the infidelity. Yunior feels disgust toward his father because he has an affair with a Puerto Rican woman, while he is married with Yunior’s mother. The disgust and sickness is expressed through his car sickness. Yunior cannot ride in Papi’s recent purchase of a lime green Volkswagen van which was “bought to impress” (Junot, 174), without vomiting. Yunior felt like the van was the reason of his vomiting, “I’d never had trouble with cars before and that van was like my curse” (Junot, 172). He only experiences carsickness in his father’s lime green van. Yunior first met his father’s mistress during a trip in the van, which could be the possible reason why he associates the vehicle with the cursing emotional distress of learning of his father’s infidelity. Maybe every time he is in the van, he is somehow reminded of the traumatizing encounter. However, throughout the trauma Yunior shares the enjoyment he experienced while spending time with his father, even if it was only on short trips in Papi’s van. “I looked forward to our trips, even though at the end of each one I’d be sick” (Junot, 176). According to Boyd, “children may be seen to seek attention by getting sick, asthma, allergies, or by bed wetting”. Could
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