Louis The 14th

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Louis the 14th was a very powerful king that had many positive influences over the country of France. As absolute monarch, Louis the 14th had an incredible strategy for ruling and improving his county, making him noteworthy of the title as the greatest king in the history of his country. Louis was able to increase France’s economy by producing its own goods to trade with other countries, as opposed to purchasing goods from other places, which proves to be more costly. In addition to that, he assembled the most advanced army in Europe at that time. Interestingly, Louis became a patron of the arts, and greatly shaped France’s culture by emphasizing the importance of art and theater, climaxing with the Palace at Versailles. And through his iron fist rule over France, he was able to secure his power over people by limiting the power of the nobles. Therefore, Louis the 14th was a very good leader because he successfully expanded France’s economy, significantly strengthened his county’s military forces, and made many cultural achievements in France which unified the country, unlike previous French Monarchs. The trade and economy flourished in France with the help of Louis the 14th and his financial adviser, Jean Colbert. Colbert “wanted to manufacture everything France needed instead of relying on imports,”; this way France can become more self-sufficient and making its own money. Next, Colbert wanted to protect France’s manufacturing industries, so he gave “government funds and tax benefits” to support these companies. By doing this, Colbert and Louis were able to increase the productivity of these companies and their trade. Furthermore, Colbert also recommended that citizens of France move to French colonies in Canada, where fur trade was common. Through this, more raw materials and marketing would be provided to France in order increase its economy. From
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