Lost Of Faith

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LOST OF FAITH By Erin Reyes For most people, religion is a way of life. It builds a connection through races and societies in the world. Religion also sets sense of belonging. It teaches people what is right or wrong according to the gods they believed in. In some religions, if a person does something wrong, he or she is made to believe that he or she will be forever condemned, causes fear. All religions tend to answer basic life questions such as how life on earth started, why people die and where they go after death, and why there is a hell. These are the very same things that I was taught growing up. I grew up being obedient and aware of these teachings both at school and at home. I was confident and felt secure that my God will always be present to guard me and would not let anything bad happen to me. I believed that God is the almighty who watches over us and protects us from all harm. This is the main idea that was instilled in me as I grew up as a Roman Catholic. Because I was young and innocent, I took everything my parents told me on faith, such as their teachings that praying to God every night would protect me from evil and harm. This teaching was not very far from what I learned at school. Every week we had a class about our religion. We were made to memorize and recite prayers that instilled in us the belief that God is present within everyone. This daily routine made me confident that God would look after me, my family, my friends, and everyone else around me. I once believed that there is a God who watches over us and protects us from harm, but all these beliefs were shattered when I saw the realities in life and witnessed firsthand the suffering of little children in an orphanage in Manila, and then I started to lose my faith and became a nonbeliever. My faith as a young child was strong and I undoubtedly believe that God is ever-present in
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