Friday Night Rites

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July 26, 2012 Phi Delta Kappan Article Friday Night Rites Written by Perry A Zirkel This article was about a very successful football coach, Marcus Borden, in a town in central New Jersey being told he could not pray anymore before, during and after the games. Coach Borden was the football coach at this high school for 23 years. He had his tradition as far as what he did before, during and after games. All that changed in 2005 when a parent of a cheerleader complained about the prayer that he gave before a pre-game dinner. The following week there were more complaints sent in to the superintendent of that district. That superintendent contacted Coach Borden which leads to the coach resigning. After thinking about it he came back to finished out the season. He then later filed a lawsuit because he felt his constitutional rights were violated. The court agreed with the…show more content…
This argument continued all the way to the third Circuit Court. On April 15, 2008 the Third Circuit coursed issued its decision. Their decision leads to a turnover of the firs ruling. Prayer is now allowed if it is student involved. That means that the student needs to initiate the prayer and hold the prayer in front of their peers. I believe that prayer is something that has always been in our schools and should always be there. I know that this is a matter of preference but as far as I remember we always prayed as a team before and after a Friday Night Game. We prayed for the safety of the players, cheerleaders and officials. We would also after each game prays for everyone’s ride home is safe and protected. I see nothing wrong with that. A perfect example of this very same topic is Tim Tebow. We are Florida Gator fans and I always remember before the games at The Swamp; Coach Myer

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