Look Into the Riots in Different Perspective

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David Cameron suggested that Britain’s ‘broken society’ was the cause of the August 2011 riots across the United Kingdom. Discuss your understanding of the possible causes. Discuss your understanding of the possible causes. Look into the riots in different perspectives The 2011 riots began in the early evening of Thursday 4 August. It developed into serious disorders in a next few days which took place in the main cities of Britain, such as London, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. The riots had no doubt caused shock and outraged and it was totally out of control. The terms ‘broken society’ as David Cameron mentioned can be defined as a society marked by the existence of widespread poverty, deprivation and other social and culture problems. To a large extent, Britain’s ‘broken society’ was the fountainhead of the riots. It expanded problem such as the bad behavior problem of youngsters, high youth unemployment rate and widespread deprivation. Those are the root causes of the uncontrolled public meeting. Broken society expanded the bad behavior problem of youngsters as well as became one of the causes of the riots. Britain remained ‘broken families’ in the twenty first century. In 1970-2000, there were significant changes in family life such as marriage rate fell by 40%, divorce rates doubled, cohabitation increased but 52% of them split up after having a child. Under these circumstances, child being abandoned or living without parenting increased rapidly. Gradually, broken families became broken society. According to the Britain and American research, children of separated families or been abandon are twice as likely to have behavior problems such as performing less well at schools, smoking, turn to drugs , do heavy drinking, relying in gun justice. They do whatever they want, such as thieving, committing crimes, but adults

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