Living In Turkey Essay

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Turkey is a democratic republic which was founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923 and it is a great place to live because of its geopolitical position, its history and its touristic places. First of all its geopolitical position is so important for all the world. Because Turkey serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe. For this reason it is dipensable for the trade between asian and european countries. Second important issue is its history. The territory which Turkey was founded in is the area where the first civilizations arose. Thus most historical events happened there and Turkey hosts too many historical places such as ancient cities, mosques, churches and bridges. Third point which makes Turkey better place is its touristic places. As Turkey hosts too many historical places and it is surrounded by seas on three sides it attracts too many tourists each year. Actually just a cup of coffee near the bosphorus is enough to know how wonderful is Turkey. So how is living in this beatiful country? We are going to discuss this under five major topics which are transportation, healthcare, education, culture and crime/security. The first issue is transportation. In Turkey, transportation is generally provided by car, bus, plane, metro, tram and ferry. The road networks are connected from city to city and well developed. New rail networks are planned to be constructed but current lines are insufficient. Air travel has become a popular choice in Turkey, because the cost has dropped as a result of the increase in number of airline companies. The second heading is healthcare of people who live in Turkey. Healthcare system is basically seperated as private and state hospitals. Both of them provide the basic services but the former has higher quality. This is because patients of private hospitals pay extra prices when consulting a doctor or getting
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