Republican Policies In The 1920's

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To what extent were the policies of republican’s president responsible for the economic performance of America between 1920 & 1932? The Republican policies were essentially those that encouraged a free market economy - through the imposition of tariffs on imported goods was a contradiction since it involved government interference in the free workings of the economy. The belief that the government should 'leave well alone' and the widespread belief that Americans could succeed solely by their own efforts contributed to the boom but I don't think one could say that these ideas created the economic boom. The 'American Dream’, the conviction that absolutely anyone could be financially and socially successful in America whatever their social…show more content…
American's could afford cars for the first time and started going on mini-vacation, known as weekend trips. What later led to the 'Great Depression' was a return to the federal government over stepping its duty by raising Taxes and again adding restrictions on business. The short term causes of the Great depression were easy credit, industrial production fell and in 1929 the boom had finished. Although it was responsible for tariffs contributing to farming struggle, the staple industry and also the technological unemployment were long term causes, but it did result in higher unemployment, that made people more eager to get jobs so they went out of the city for employment. In my opinion, I think the key contributor was the First World War which created the perfect opportunity for America's businesses to maximise their profits as they supplied the Allies with food and munitions, they also took over markets that had previously been under Britain and Germany's control. Therefore, the War meant that America changed from a debtor nation to being the world's main creditor. New technology and production methods also helped to expand
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