Living At Home Versus Living In An Apartment Or Do

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Living at home versus living in an apartment So many facts I can write about this topic. For one, living at home you wouldn’t have to worry about bills or when and how you going to eat at the end of the day. Also you would have more money than living in an apartment. But if you want freedom of going as you please, not having to answer to no one or as they say want to be grown. Well you would need an apartment. Everyone can relate to having your own is nothing like it. I believe freedom over powers the feelings of having to pay rent, bill, make sure you have food to eat, and being broke before the week is over. There’s a feeling of peace in mind of living home and having your own apartment that is totally different from each other. Living at home you would not have to worry about responsibility but living on your own you don’t have to worry about the nagging of your parents and you can come and goes as you please. Can you say freedom at last?! No choirs, no direct time you have to be in the house. Having your own place it is freedom from rules but not from having more responsibly. Having your own apartment you would have rent to pay, bills, and no more moms’ cooking. Its freedom at last but when hard times come around we always wish to be back at home. We always think when I was at home I wouldn’t have to worry about this but deep down inside we would not change are minds if it killed us. There always an upside as well as a down side to living at home and having your own apartment. But Freedom over powers of all the rules you would have to follow when you are

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